2018 International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering and Materials (ACEM2018) and 1st World Symposium on Sustainable Bio-composite Materials and Structures (SBMS1)

ACEM2018 and SBMS1  2018年11月9-11日 中国,南京,南京林业大学


Welcome to ACEM2018 and SBMS1!


1.  于文吉                           中国林业科学研究院木材工业研究所

      The Development Status and Application Prospect of the High Performance Wood and Bamboo

      Scrimber in China

2.   Dilum Fernando           澳大利亚昆士兰大学

      Innovative Hybrid FRP-Timber Structures

3.   Edwin Zea                    瑞士苏黎世大学

      New Materials for Sustainable Development

4.   Kohei Komatsu             日本京都大学

      CLT Made of Japanese Ceder - Production, Performance and Structural Applications

5.   Mahmud Ashraf            澳大利亚迪肯大学

      3D Printing in Structural Engineering – Reality vs Possibilities

6.   Ottavia Corbi                意大利那不勒斯费里德里克二世大学

      The Shape Memory Alloys for Structural Control

7.   Ilias Dimitrakopoulos    香港科技大学

      Experimental Characterization of New Multi-full-culm Bamboo to Steel Connections

8.   Huining Xiao(肖惠宁)    加拿大纽布伦斯威克大学

      Enhancing Durability of Engineered Wood Products Using Cellulose Fibre-reinforced Composites

      and Anti-mold Polymers

9.   Rodolfo Lorenzo           英国伦敦大学学院

      Digital Bamboo for Sustainable Construction

10. 黄晓明                           东南大学


11. 肖岩                               浙江大学

      Research and Development of Glubam and CLBT Structures

12. 陈国兴                           南京工业大学

      New Method for Evaluating Liquefaction Strength of Saturated Sand Powder Mixture

13. 何敏娟                           同济大学

      Study on Multi-story Tmber and Hybrid Timber Structures

14. 杨学兵                           中国建筑西南设计研究院有限公司

      The Engineering Wood Materials Provisions of Chinese National Standards "Wood Structure

      Design Standards"

15. 任海青                           中国林业科学研究院木材工业研究所

      High-quality Development of Wood Construction in China

16. 祝恩淳                           哈尔滨工业大学

      Major Revisions Made to Standard for Design of Timber Structures GB 50005-2017

17. 戴建国                           香港理工大学

      Inorganically Bonded FRP Composites for Strengthening of Existing Concrete Structures

18. Mohammad Noori         California Polytechnic State University

      An Overview of the Assessment of Resilience of Complex Infrastructure Systems

19. 吴智深                           东南大学教授、日本工程院

      Advancement of Basalt Fibers and Sustainability Design of Civil Structures

20. 刘伟庆                           南京工业大学