2018 International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering and Materials (ACEM2018) and 1st World Symposium on Sustainable Bio-composite Materials and Structures (SBMS1)

ACEM2018 and SBMS1  2018年11月9-11日 中国,南京,南京林业大学


Welcome to ACEM2018 and SBMS1!


一、Bio-composite Materials and Structures/生物质复合材料与结构

(1)   Bio-composite Materials (bamboo, wood, straw, etc.)/生物质复合材料(竹、木、秸秆等)

(2)   Bamboo Structures/竹结构

(3)   Timber Structures/木结构

(4)   Straw Structures/秸秆结构


二、New Materials and Structural Engineering /新型材料与结构工程

(1)   New Building Materials/新型建筑材料

(2)   Concrete Structures/混凝土结构

(3)   Steel Structures/钢结构结构

(4)   Masonry Structures/砌体结构

(5)   Composites Structures/复合材料结构

(6)   Heritage Detection, Reinforcement and Restoration /古迹检测、加固与修复

(7)   Disaster Prevention and Mitigation/防灾减灾


三、Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering/岩土与隧道工程

(1)   Geotechnical Engineering /岩土工程

(2)   Tunnel Engineering /隧道工程


四、Road and Bridge Engineering/道路与桥梁工程

(1)   Roadbed and Pavement Materials/路基路面材料

(2)   Roadbed and Pavement Engineering/路基路面工程

(3)   Bridge Engineering/桥梁工程


五、Other Related Topics /其它相关方向